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Documents and exhibits play an important role in trial. Magic Media gives you a new way of presenting this crucial information in the courtroom in a jury-friendly way. Magic Media supplies and assists attorneys with the technology needed to create and display a coherent presentation of the facts or to enhance an argument for a judge and/or jury. Magic Media also records and preserves deposition testimony, performs on-scene documentation using the latest video and photography technology, and has the capability of enhancing audio and video recordings while preserving the integrity of evidence. Using the latest technology, Magic Media is also able to offer online collaborative video depositions. This technology can save a great deal in time and money because the attorneys and witness can be in different physical locations during the deposition: travel to your office instead of to a remote location.

I grew up in Dumas, Texas, and obtained my bachelor's degree in Management and Finance from WTAMU in 2003. I've worked with attorneys since my high school days, have over 10 years of experience doing trial presentation and technology work, and have over 17 years experience working in the legal field. In addition, I have been a licensed private investigator since 2011.


We provide a wide range of affordable services designed to assist you in winning your case. Some of the services we provide include:

Videotaped depositions
Transcripts / Video syncing
Trial presentation
Investigation services
Legal videography
On-site photography
Document imaging
Graphic animations
Video duplication
Video transfers

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